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Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie 3 Game

Papa Louie is a series of flash games that currently has three entries.

The Papa Louie series is produced and developed by Flipline Studios. The first entry in the Papa Louie series is a self-titled platformer that follows the adventures of the protagonist, a pizza chef named Papa Louie. In the first game all of the pizza orders in Papa Louie’s pizzeria were turned into monsters which kidnapped all of the customers, leaving it up to Papa Louie to rescue them. Following the original game Flipline Studios released its sequel, “Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!”, also a flash game.

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The second installment was also a platformer but instead of Papa Louie being the protagonist the player is able to choose to play as either Marty or Rita. This game is centered around the player going on an adventure to find and rescue Papa Louie. The newest release form Flipline Studios in the Papa Louie series is Papa Louie 3. The game features the same platforming mechanics that made its predecessors fun and successful.

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Papa Louie 4¬†places Captain Cori as the games protagonist. The plot follows Captain Cori’s adventures as she sets out to save Papa Louie and the restaurant’s customers. The game still takes place in the Land of Munchmore, but this time there is a distinct candy theme. With this candy theme comes sweets inspired enemies that are as imaginative and unique as in past Papa Louie games.

This new game offer a variety of new features and mechanics that make it an entertaining and engaging game. Papa Louie 3 is an entry into the Papa Louie series that retains the core mechanics of the its predecessors while still offering new and unique features that make it standout among the Papa Louie games that came before it.